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An official EAN13 barcode for your digital tracks, CDs and DVDs

  • Receive your barcodes directly with a graphic file
  • No annual subscription costs
  • Discount when purchasing multiple barcodes

Most CDs and DVDs that can be purchased in stores are provided with a barcode. All kinds of product information can be linked to a barcode. Most retailers also use the bar codes for their inventory management. A barcode is a series of numbers that is represented as dashes of different thickness. This code can be read with a special scanner. Just think of paying at the supermarket.

Digital tracks on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer or Apple Music must always be linked to a unique barcode. Without a unique barcode it is not possible to distribute music digitally.

The Centraal Muziekhuis manages a catalog of music releases that is as complete as possible. It is committed to an optimal distribution of both physical and digital sound and image carriers. A unique and official EAN13 barcode for tracks, CDs and DVDs that are offered commercially is essential.

Only with unique barcodes can orders for CDs and DVDs be processed automatically by retailers such as eBay or Amazon. A unique barcode is also always required to put music on download and streaming portals such as Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer.

The international organization for the publication of barcodes is GS1. Through them you can submit a request for a subscription to assign ‘own’ barcodes to products. In addition to an entrance fee, you must then pay a subscription fee each year that depends on the annual turnover of your company.

For independent labels and artists, the Centraal Muziekhuis therefore offers the possibility to directly request one or more bar codes for music CDs, DVDs and digital tracks.

The one-time costs per barcode are only € 15 incl. VAT via the Centraal Muziekhuis. You will receive the requested barcode in your mailbox within one minute. If you buy several barcodes at once, you will receive a discount that can be as high as 50%.