Request ISRC codes

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code. This code has been created to uniquely identify music recordings worldwide. This makes it easier for copyright management companies to collect and distribute the correct fees.

If you want to put music on the streaming and download portals you need an ISRC code. Even if you are going to record a CD, ISRC codes are highly desirable. These codes can be added when creating the master CD. The CD producer can sometimes also add the codes. You need a unique ISRC code for each track. All unique data can be linked to that unique code, such as audio / video, playing time, title, author and composer, language, name of the musicians or band name, name of the producer, etc.

You can request ISRC codes from designated organizations such as GVL, PPL and SENA. If you would like to receive ISRC codes within a minute that you can use right away – for example, to upload your music to Spotify or iTunes or because your CD must be ready on time – the Centraal Muziekhuis offers the possibility to receive codes immediately via this site , with which you can get started right away.

The one-time costs per ISRC code are only € 2,50 incl. VAT via the Centraal Muziekhuis. You will receive the requested ISRC code in your mailbox within one minute. If you buy several ISRC codes at once, you will receive a discount that can be more than 50%.